Tax Examinations

tax examinationsThe states and other taxing jurisdictions are out to raise funds – and the sales and use tax area is an easy, low-cost way for them to find those funds. Not only do they extract their share of tax, but the interest and penalties in many cases can be more than the tax itself. Whether you need an experienced firm to represent you in a sales-and-use tax audit, or whether you’re looking to prevent a sales-and-use tax disaster, RotenbergMeril is a firm that can help.

If prevention is what you’re seeking, we can provide you with what we call a “reverse audit.” In a reverse audit, RotenbergMeril performs a review of your books and records for sales and use tax compliance, and we will look for and advise you of any potential sales and use tax deficiencies. We can advise you of the areas where sales and use tax should have been remitted, and bring to your attention the issues you can fix going forward, thus thwarting a potential future State audit that uncovers deficiencies and adds significant interest and penalties to the bill.

We have been successful in representing clients in sales and use tax audits, including clients in the restaurant and bar business, manufacturing, computer software, and professional services industries.