Emerging Entities

Emerging companies may be able to recruit or retain the experienced personnel that are needed to run a successful accounting department. RotenbergMeril’s solution to this problem is the complete outsourcing of a company’s accounting department to our experienced personnel. Our firm, instead of yours, would be responsible for the day-to-day accounting functions ranging from simple accounts payable/accounts receivable management and payroll processing to financial management, cost budget forecasts, and project accounting.

The benefits of outsourcing, especially in the emergent stages of your company’s lifecycle,
may include:

  • More time – spending less time on accounting management means you can spend more time on your core business needs
  • Reduced costs – having fewer in-house accounting personnel decreases the associated time and costs related to human resources, training, payroll and benefits
  • Specialized resources – accurate and timely financial reporting is overseen by CPAs who are up-to-date with the complex standards of accounting and financial reporting