Whether they are producing or distributing durable or non-durable goods, manufacturers and distributors are challenged to stay profitable. They face global competition and mounting costs for labor, raw materials, sourcing of goods, production and facilities, as well as escalating customer demands. It is vital that manufacturers and distributors explore new ways to reduce costs and operate more efficiently. Well-managed manufacturers and distributors engage accounting firms that are trusted advisors to management in helping them solve these issues. RotenbergMeril is an accounting firm that is focused on tax minimization strategies for our clients and helping client management with timely financial reporting and business consulting services.

At RotenbergMeril, we have a long history of providing value-added services to manufacturing and distribution companies. In addition to traditional audit, accounting and tax services, we provide a variety of consulting services to manufacturers and distributors, including:

  • Analysis of internal accounting controls
  • Setting up efficient work-flow and business processes
  • Advising on the purchase and installation of management information systems
  • Advising on EDI and e-commerce
  • Setting up global operations
  • Reviewing standard and process costing
  • Business valuation services for shareholder agreements and mergers and acquisitions
  • Assistance with business plans and financial budgets and projections

Manufacturers and distributors are involved in the global marketplace. Many of our clients have created manufacturing subsidiaries in some of the leading low cost markets of the world, such as in China, Mexico and the Philippines. Others import from Europe, South America and Asia. Many taxing jurisdictions are now aggressively trying to maximize their taxing revenues by going after multinational organizations. It is imperative that you have an accountant with a strong knowledge of international tax treaties and transfer pricing strategies to assist in tax minimization and compliance. RotenbergMeril can assist in these areas by providing international tax expertise as well as consulting and working with resident tax professionals in other countries through our association with the BDO Alliance, an association of accounting firms worldwide.

RotenbergMeril has done accounting work for companies in a wide range of manufacturing and distribution industry segments, including:

  • Apparel manufacturing/distributor
  • Cable and electronic connector assembly manufacturing
  • Candy and related packaging manufacturer
  • Chemical manufacturing/distributor
  • Consumer audio electronic products importer/distributor
  • Custom papers distributor
  • Furniture importer/distributor
  • Gourmet foods importer/distributor
  • High-end china importer/distributor
  • Home products manufacturer/distributor
  • Industrial plastic measuring devices manufacturer/distributor
  • Medical devices manufacturer
  • Military insignia distributor
  • Molded plastic containers manufacturing/distributor
  • Perishable foods/produce distributor
  • Plastic food containers manufacturer/distributor
  • Steel importer/distributor

“Today’s global economy has created the environment for consolidation and expansion. RotenbergMeril understands the current climate for wholesale distribution, helping independent distributors like me grow our business and improve business practices. They listen carefully to your needs and apply their extensive market knowledge and creative strategy to help you meet your goals.”
-President, Wholesale Distributor Client