Community Associations

Many interesting and unique challenges face professional community managers and homeowner association boards of directors on a regular basis. RotenbergMeril provides a full range of vital services to these individuals and the communities they manage. Our firm is a respected leader in providing accounting services to homeowners’ associations and co-operative apartment corporations.

RotenbergMeril can assist your community association or co-op in many ways, including:

  • Auditing and Accounting Services – the experts at RotenbergMeril can prepare and/or analyze annual budgets, track actuals to budgets and present financial results to board members monthly or annually, provide financial training sessions to the board, and prepare any and all required financial statements.
  • Tax Services – RotenbergMeril can audit or prepare tax statements for your homeowner association or co-op.
  • Advisory Services – the RotenbergMeril team can conduct transition period audits, review accounting and technology systems and implementation, and provide industry trend forecasts.