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Increasing regulations, thinning margins, decreasing commission fees, and revenue shortfalls are battering today’s independent broker-dealer. What’s more, recent announcements of mergers and acquisitions (such as the merger between Rothstein Kass and KPMG) raise valid concerns amongst the firms’ broker-dealer clients. Will these newly-merged firms have the flexibility and timeliness required to respond to the ever-changing regulatory environment of the broker-dealer industry? Can accounting behemoths offer specialized and trusted services that broker-dealers need in order to achieve financial success?

Now, more than ever, broker-dealers need the personalized attention of RotenbergMeril, particularly as they face changing regulations and increasing market complexity. The need for transparency and compliance is increasingly important for broker-dealers weighing options for survival, including mergers and acquisitions.

Our Financial Services division is led by John Guttilla, a former Financial Operations Principal and respected member of the AICPA Stock Brokerage Committee with over 20 years of experience in the industry. With this expertise and our cutting-edge technology, RotenbergMeril is the clear choice for your accounting needs. We are uniquely qualified to help broker-dealers comply with regulatory filing requirements.

Our professionals are knowledgeable in all aspects of accounting, tax, anti-money laundering (AML) testing, and regulatory issues specific to this industry. As a trusted advisor to our clients, RotenbergMeril has been instrumental in designing customized and comprehensive financial reporting packages. This enables management to compile the required financial data in a way that helps them better understand the margins and productivity of their operating units. In this industry sector, we also specialize in structuring tax-advantaged compensation programs for commission-based employees. Our AML auditors can help you pinpoint areas of weakness and show you the tools to help your firm better comply with FINRA and BSA regulations.

Whether you need a PCAOB-registered independent firm to audit your financial statements or a Series 27-licensed FinOp to file your FOCUS reports, the key elements are the same; your accountant must be a knowledgeable professional that stays abreast of regulations and is equipped for meeting deadlines in a timely and accurate manner.

“RotenbergMeril came to our rescue when our 60 person broker dealer firm, located in the WTC, lost all of its accounting records on 9/11. Thankfully, we had no loss of personnel. Our next concern was to get back operating as soon as possible. Within weeks after the disaster, RotenbergMeril was able to re-create our records and we were actually able to file a timely FOCUS report. I highly recommend this take-charge firm!”
-CEO, Broker-Dealer client

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