The advertising services industry in the U.S. includes about 30,000 companies. Advertising agencies provide a wide range of services for commercial customers, including creative ad development, media buying, direct marketing, public relations, corporate communications, event marketing, and marketing consulting.

While the large advertising and marketing agencies provide a full range of services, smaller ones often specialize in market or product niches. The main sources of revenue for agencies are the creation of advertising campaigns and the placement of ads with various media channels such as newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, billboards, the Internet, and direct mail.

Advertising/Marketing for RotenburgMeril

Our clients in this sector have ranged from small single-owner advertising concerns to multi-state telemarketing organizations with over 4,000 employees. For example, we provide services to a market research company that serves Fortune 500 companies throughout the country. We also offer mailing list consultants who provide brokerage and management services to a client base located throughout the U.S.

In general, RotenbergMeril provides a wide range of services for advertising and marketing customers, including:

  • Client expansion
  • Executive compensation
  • Financial statement audits
  • Tax services