RotenbergMeril brings a strategic point of view to our client relationships. We support 22 industry sectors both nationally with offices in the NY/NJ metropolitan areas, and globally through our association with the BDO Alliance, among the industry’s largest and most successful associations of accounting, consulting, and professional service firms. Our firm focus is on audit and attest, tax transactions, and the related industry and operating issues that you face today. The result is seamless, consistent, high-quality client service worldwide.

RotenbergMeril’s services are offered within the context of a specific industry focus. Our professionals bring a breadth and depth of business and industry knowledge to our clients, giving us a special understanding of their operations and goals. At the same time, we pride ourselves on providing personalized and individualized services that distinguish us from other accounting firms. We truly are an alternative to the major regional and national firms.

Though RotenbergMeril serves a broad range of businesses, we’ve identified trends toward certain industry types among our clients. Because of these trends, we’ve committed extra resources and added industry-specific education for our professionals in these industries. These industries include Financial Services (encompassing Broker-Dealers, Private Equity, and Hedge Funds), Life Sciences & Biotech, Manufacturing/Distribution, Construction, Real Estate, and Restaurants. We’ve also become actively involved in organizations and associations that further the advancement of these industries.

The industries we serve include:

Advertising/Marketing for RotenburgMeril


Airlines for RotenbergMeril


Retail & Consumer Products for RotenbergMeril

Retail Apparel & Consumer Products

Broker Dealers of RotenbergMeril


Chemical Industry Markets at RotenbergMeril


Homeowners Association and Community Investment from RotenbergMeril

Community Associations

Construction company management from RotenbergMeril


Healthcare management from RotenbergMeril


Hedge fund management and investment with RotenbergMeril

Hedge Funds

Importer and Wholesaler investment management from RotenbergMeril

Importers & Wholesalers

Law Firm management with RotenbergMeril

Law Firms

Science and Biotech growth with RotenbergMeril

Life Sciences & Biotech

Manufacturing and Distribution management with RotenbergMeril


Media and Entertainment investments and management with RotenbergMeril

Media & Entertainment

Foundation and Not-for-profit management with RotenbergMeril

Not-for-Profit & Foundations

Printing investments with RotenbergMeril


Private Equity Fund management and investment by RotenbergMeril

Private Equity Funds

Restaurant investment management with RotenbergMeril


Real Estate investing with RotenbergMeril

Real Estate

Professional Services Firm management and investment

Professional Services Firms

Technology investments with RotenbergMeril


Transportation Investment Management with RotenbergMeril