Whether you are an experienced professional or recent graduate, chances are you’re seeking more than a traditional accounting career. Today’s professionals define “success” as more than a one track, linear set of steps along a single specialty. The new perspective is all-encompassing, synthesizing a wide range of skill sets and offering broad exposure to a variety of areas.

That’s precisely the culture that RotenbergMeril has created. It’s a culture of continual learning and growth, offering unlimited possibilities to high performance, creative individuals who have a passion for knowledge.

Our most important resource is our people. Our success is directly attributed to the dedication, skill and persona of our professionals and staff. We make every effort to offer an atmosphere that will help you achieve your career goals. From the time of your first interview to your first day of employment at RotenbergMeril and thereafter, we provide a professional and friendly environment, providing a nurturing workplace where you are able to learn and advance in your profession.

We encourage each individual to develop his or her talents and find their full potential. As a firm it is our duty is to promote and cultivate lifetime learning for all of our employees and to develop the future leaders of RotenbergMeril.


When you start employment with our firm, we assign you an “orientation advisor.” This advisor is responsible for helping you have a smooth transition into our firm. They will show you around the office, introduce you to our people, help familiarize you with our firm’s policies and procedures and arrange for you to be trained on the various technologies we use in the firm. They will be available to answer any of your questions and assist you during your first few weeks with the firm.

Mentor Program

You will also be assigned a “mentor” who will meet with you on a periodic basis. The mentor will provide you with informal advice on aspects of your career. You should keep your mentor informed of any problems or concerns as they arise. The mentor treats all interactions and discussions in confidence, and there is no evaluation or assessment of you on the part of the mentor, only supportive guidance and constructive feedback

Continuing Professional Education

RotenbergMeril is a registered CPE provider in New Jersey and New York, and offers its professionals over 40 hours of firm-paid CPE per year.  The firm sponsored training is held over several days during the course of the year and provides you with additional skills training specifically designed to help you deliver quality professional services to the firm’s clients. An individualized education plan will also be discussed each year with you that will include specialized outside training programs delivered by the AICPA, State CPA Societies, The SEC Institute, AuditWatch and other well-respected CPE providers.  Each year, the firm’s new college recruits attend a week-long audit training program in New York City.  Our commitment to both structured and on the job training keeps our professionals ahead of the industry curve.

Work/Life Balance

We’re also ahead of the curve when it comes to work/life balance, too. While other firms have only recently started to acknowledge work/life issues, RotenbergMeril realized early on that quality of life supports professional performance.  And when our professionals are happy, our clients are happy!

Compensation and Benefits

RotenbergMeril has a comprehensive compensation and benefit program.  You will be rewarded with and have the following available to you:

  • Compensation
    Salaries at RotenbergMeril are competitive with the large regional accounting firms. Salary and performance are reviewed annually, with increases based on your accomplishments and development of skills.
  • Benefits
    The firm provides you with a variety of benefit options to fit your individual needs, including medical, dental, vision and life insurance, dependent care flex plan, health benefits flex plan, health-care savings accounts, company match 401(k) and profit sharing plan. We are one of the few firms that pay the entire premium for the employee portion of health care insurance, including dental and vision coverage.  The firm provides health insurance plans that are “non-gated” type plans.  These plans let you choose your doctors without referral both in and out of network.
  • Paid Time Off and Holidays
    All full-time employees receive either 15 or 20 days, depending on length of service, of paid time off (PTO) each year for vacation and personal time plus up to a week of paid sick time as per firm policy.  The firm is closed for 8 holidays each year and you will be paid for those days off in addition to your PTO.
  • Summer Hours
    The firm’s professional client service staff gets off early at 2:30pm every Friday, from Memorial Day through Labor Day weekend, freeing you up to enjoy a long summer weekend.
  • Travel
    RotenbergMeril reimburses all business travel expenses and many of our clients are located near our office locations.
  • Memberships
    The firm pays employee membership fees for the AICPA and at least one state society and other selected professional organizations.
  • Part-Time and Flexible Schedules
    Alternative schedules may be available for certain departments and positions within the firm.
  • Office Environment
    The firm has a “business casual” dress code and an “open door” policy between all staff and management levels that makes for a comfortable and relaxed work atmosphere. Our offices are located in modern office buildings and considered to be the leading buildings in their area. Our offices are nicely furnished and depending on your staff level, you will either have a generous workstation or private office.   You will have your own laptop and docking station with dual screen monitors, enjoy our paperless technology for engagements and have remote computing capabilities from home or client locations.  We have several firm sponsored social and recreational outings during the year for the staff and cater breakfast and lunch in the office on Saturdays during our busy season.

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