Is Homeowners Insurance Tax Deductible?

download (11)[1]Your insurance premiums are not tax deductible except under special circumstances. You do receive other tax benefits as a homeowner, but they are not related to homeowners insurance.
If you’re a landlord or a homeowner who uses part of your home for business purposes, you may be able to deduct a portion of your homeowners insurance. A tax advisor is your best resource in determining what you can and cannot deduct on your taxes.

September 15 Tax Deadline Reminder:

download (8)September 15 Tax Deadline Reminder:

  • Final deadline to file corporate tax returns for the year 2015 if an extension was requested. (Forms 1120, 1120A, 1120S).
  • Final deadline to file trust income tax returns (Form 1041) for the year 2015 if an extension was requested.
  • Final deadline to file partnership tax returns (Form 1065) for the year 2015 if an extension was requested.

5 Tips For Getting Back To Work After A Vacation

Back to work after vacation.

The vision of returning to the office after vacation and the reality usually have very little in common. While many of us expect to sit down at our desks after time away filled with boundless energy and restored creativity that will fuel new projects, what usually ends up happening is that we spend several scattered hours (or days) trying to process a deluge of emails and falling further behind on tasks that have built up in the interim.