Senior Manager

  • Classification: Exempt
  • Reports To: Partners


Managers are involved in almost all of the areas of engagement management. They have exhibited technical proficiency and the ability to supervise and complete engagements, possess a thorough knowledge of the firm’s policies and procedures, and serve as intermediaries between partners, clients, and professional staff. Senior managers exhibit the same positive characteristics as managers. In addition, senior managers possess more extensive experience and the ability to handle most practiced areas that partners are involved in.


  1. Assume responsibility for planning, supervising, and completing engagements.
  2. Plan the timing and assigning of staff to engagements.
  3. Possess technical knowledge sufficient to supervise staff in tax and financial statement engagements. (IRC Sections and Regulations; SSARS, SAS, FASB, GASB, GAAP & PCAOB Pronouncements and Regulations.)
  4. Review engagement workpapers, resolve any problems, and keep the partner informed of all important developments in the engagement.
  5. Possess a working knowledge of firm technology, including the use of email, and the Internet; and the use of Microsoft Word and Excel, and firm tax preparation and time and billing software.
  6. Prepare client billings as required.
  7. Evaluate the performance of professional staff.
  8. Develop new client contacts and relationships beneficial to the firm.
  9. Assist in administrative functions as assigned by the partners.
  10. Recognize opportunities to provide additional services to existing clients.
  11. Business Valuation and litigation


  1. Perform other duties as assigned from time to time by the firm’s partners.


  1. Job involves work in the firm’s office or on the client’s premises. Work on the client’s premises may require the use of the manager’s personal car.
  2. High level of overtime may be required to complete audit and tax engagements.


  1. Sr. Managers normally have a minimum of three years’ experience as a manager (or equivalent experience as deemed appropriate by the partners).


  • Demonstrating ability to sell new services to existing clients and attracting new business to the firm.
  • Participating in administrative activities such as staff evaluations, performance reviews, recruiting, and developing office policies.
  • Working with management on in-house training programs, including CPE and other presentations.
  • Continuing participation in civic events, to project the firm’s image and attract new business.
  • Learning new technology the firm introduces into the work environment.


  • Managers and senior managers must be certified public accountants.

This job description does not list all the duties of the job. You may be asked to perform other assignments and duties. You will be evaluated in part based on your performance of the tasks listed in this job description.

The firm’s management has the right to revise this job description at any time. The job description is not a contract for employment, and either you or the firm may terminate employment at any time, for any reason.

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