Internet Killed the Tax Day Party

10272326374_43eb6a9e1c_z(Bloomberg) At the post office in Lawrence, Kansas, filing your taxes used to be an excuse to party.

A crowd would gather every April 15th shortly before the doors were shut at midnight. As procrastinators arrived with their tax forms, the Alferd Packer Memorial String Band, a local group, would start playing in the lobby, which happens to have great acoustics.


Three Extra Days!

download (13)You get three extra days to gather your paperwork and file your federal tax return in 2016. The tax deadline is April 18. You can thank Washington, D.C., for the gift. Washington will celebrate Emancipation Day on April 15.

Emancipation Day typically is celebrated on April 16. It’s the day President Abraham Lincoln signed into law a bill ending slavery in Washington, D.C. April 16 falls on a Saturday in 2016, so Emancipation Day will be celebrated on April 15. And Tax Day will be pushed back to April 18.

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